Senior Space Shuttle

Cheryl Maynard
Owner/Senior Move Manager


Locally Owned
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Pack & Move Days Helpful Hints

We  typically schedule with you to pack your belongings on one day, and move all to your new home or community the following day. In this way, the Senior Space Shuttle packing crew arrives on the scheduled date to pack all belongings moving with you to your new homeWe'll have all the supplies to get you professionally packed and ready for our contracted movers. 

 (or even better, the night before!) we suggest you do the following:

Put aside whatever clothing, toiletries and medicine you'll need for this day, night and the day of the move.  Simply indicate to crew members that you'll keep those items with you so they are not to be packed.

Put aside for meals any utensils, dishes and glasses - whatever you might want to keep on hand for meals today and in the morning.


A designated team lead will arrive along with the movers 
at the scheduled time *usually 8:30 am.
The SSS team lead will direct movers as to what to load on the truck for transport to your new residence.    Any remaining packing will be done and made ready for the movers to load. 

Note oversized items and large art will be prepared for loading by the movers. They have all the tools and supplies necessary to handle such items appropriately.   Your belongings will receive the same care and attention by the movers as they have by the Senior Space Shuttle team.

Once at your new address, the movers will unload the truck and the Senior Space Shuttle team will get to the task of emptying the boxes and arranging.  By the time the last box is unpacked, your artwork is hung and all rooms are organized, you'll feel your new place to be just like home! 

We hope you find these suggestions helpful and they give you an even better idea of how we can serve you. We strive to make the time we spend working with you easy, stress-free and fun!